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Meet Alex

Supporting new parents to work through feeding issues is my passion.  As a lactation consultant I have gained extensive experience with both breast and bottle feeding problems.  Many of the babies I see have a tongue tie, but there is often a crossover between this and other issues, and there can be a number of solutions which may be needed to improve feeding. 


I can advise on mastitis, breast thrush, reflux, weight issues, low milk supply, allergies and prematurity. I will develop a feeding plan to work out the best way forward for mother and baby.  Tongue Tie division is not a quick fix solution for many families. Time, patience, advice and support after the procedure helps baby to improve their feeding over 7-10 days.

I have previously led the Tongue Tie service for a London teaching hospital, but left to work closer to home. I've also worked as an infant feeding midwife for 2 years. As part of my role I supported and advised midwives and other health care professionals on making plans for babies with feeding concerns.

I have 4 children of my own, including identical twins. While breastfeeding I had a number of challenges, so I know how hard it is, especially on very little sleep! 3 of my children had a tongue tie, which is where my interest in this field began. 

Tongue tie assessment and division

I will visit you in your home and take a feeding history, with a feed observed if needed. If tongue tie division is the right choice for your baby I will then perform a frenultomy. Babies normally feed soon after the procedure. For this reason baby needs to of not fed for about 1.5 to 2 hours before I arrive. I will then discusss a feeding plan if needed. The appointment normally takes 1 to 1.5 hours. I will  contact you the next day and one week later to ensure that the feeding is improving. 


1 to 1.5 hour appointment with follow up contact

Feeding advice and tongue tie assessment 

Breastfeeding/bottle feeding advice and tongue tie assessment only.

I will visit you in your home and take a full feeding history. I will observe a feed and offer advice on positioning and attachment.  I will assess for tongue tie if needed. I will then develop a feeding plan for mother and baby to improve feeding. I will contact you the following day to see how the plan is working and offer further advice or adjustments if needed. 


1 hour appointment, £60 for every subsequent hour

I found Alex after only discovering my baby had tongue tie at 4 weeks old and had been continuously hungry due the tongue tie. Her advice about breastfeeding was invaluable. She spotted that me and baby had thrush and made recommendations to get that cleared up. She also supported me over the weeks after to make sure feeding improved. My baby was on the lowest growth percentile but after the cut he has now jumped up a percentile and doubled in weight thanks to Alex's work and advice.

Kate Bassett and baby Alexander 

Tongue Tie Practitioner and Infant Feeding Specialist

  • Over 18 years as a qualified midwife

  • Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

  • As well as tongue tie I advise on breast refusal, reflux, allergies, low milk supply, prematurity, and breast thrush

  • Helped more than 4000 parents with breast and bottle feeding

  • Fully insured by Hiscox, and over seen by Care Quality Commission (CQC)




07706 066 241 

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